About the Firm

Turnbull Mylne is the combined legal force of Turnbull & Company Solicitors at Robina and Mylne Lawyers at Bundall. Both long established and well respected Gold Coast law firms.

Legal problems can be quite daunting, whether caused by business or personal circumstances, they are bad for business and introduce unwanted stress into your life and that of your family. We plan to smooth the way for you, and to help you adjust to the changed circumstances by focussing on practical solutions to your legal problem. Practical solutions that try to avoid or minimise collateral damage to you, to your family and to your business that legal problems inevitably bring in their wake.

We recognise that your time is valuable, and we’ll choose a 10 minute phone call over a 45 minute meeting any day – it minimises disruption and drives costs down. Indeed, we have some clients we have never met, like the international sporting goods manufacturer which disposed of a fashion house investment – all the legal work was done by email and by telephone. The Sunshine Coast trawler that didn’t meet survey and couldn’t put to sea; made ready to go in just 3 hours with a half-dozen phone calls. We don’t drag matters out, we want your work, we want clear instructions and all of the relevant documents, we’ll get on and do the job, then we want to be promptly paid.

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