Turnbull Mylne is the combined legal force of Turnbull & Company Solicitors and Mylne Lawyers. Both long established and well respected law firms on the Gold Coast.

Mylne Lawyers was a continuation of McCallum Mylne Lawyers which was established with Michael McCallum at Surfers Paradise. Michael was the former Public Trustee of the Northern Territory. After Michael retired from the partnership in 2005 the firm changed its name to Mylne Lawyers and relocated to Bundall. Mylne Lawyers grew rapidly to a staff of 10 personnel and in 2012 Glen Mylne was invited to take-over and re-establish the long-running Turnbull & Company.

Turnbull & Company was founded in 1994 by Lionel Turnbull and is arguably Robina’s oldest law firm. Lionel built a successful and respected business in Robina with a primary focus of property law, as Robina experienced its quantum growth. Since then it has had other principals until acquired by Glen Mylne in 2012.

Mylne Lawyers and Turnbull & Company Solicitors are now consolidating at Robina.

Our Mission:

To meet or exceed your goals in providing the best possible outcome for you.

Our Vision:

Simple! Client service and client satisfaction.

Our Values:

  • We work towards YOUR best possible outcome
  • Honest opinion on your possible outcome or range of outcomes
  • Open book policy: internet access to your files
  • Transparency with cost

Our Formula:

∑ (LC – (-)) + (SE + LK) = Success ∞


  • LC = Listening to Client
  • (-) = Negativity
  • SE = Sympathetic ear
  • LK = Legal knowledge and know how
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